The Power of Quotes

As you may have noticed, I am a collector of quotes. There is a real art to summarizing big ideas into but a few words.

A person trying to free themselves of a role colored bubble
Bursting the rose colored bubble, colored pencil*

“Until we can remove from the minds of the people the impression that the current Christianity of the age is true Christianity, we can do but little towards promoting a revival of pure religion.”
-Charles Finney, Revivalist 1792-1875


a person looking at their own heart on x-rayI don’t understand my own feelings, colored pencil

“We need to let ourselves tell our stories of love — how love came to us over the course of our lives, or how it did not come, or how it left. We need to tell the story so that we understand.” 
-Gerald May, psychiatrist and theologian


A person bloting out all their scars with darkness
Blackout, colored pencil

You’ve heard of whitewash, but that is not the only veil we hide behind. Some embrace darkness, to obscure their emotional wounds. 

“Such a pitiful hypocrisy with which we all flirt, pretending that the cosmetic side of our day-to-day living is the real side. The truth is that the cosmetic side only hides the reality.” 
-Ravi Zacharias, apologist