Soil Analysis 

Matthew 13:1-23 is known as the parable of the sower. Yet the story is really more about the quality of different soils. In a world where the church is trying to sow as much seed as possible, yet producing little fruit. We really need to stop and prepare the soil instead.

walking on a hardened heart.
Hardened and tread upon, colored pencil

The soil on the path is too hard to support seed because it has been walked upon so much.

a shallow heart in rocky soil
Rocky and shallow, colored pencil

Shallow soil full of stones produces fruit that dies off quickly because it’s roots are weak.

a bleeding heart wrapped in thorns
Thorn Chocked, colored pencil

Soil full of thorns keep seeds from being fruitful.

a fruitful heart covered in vines and blossoms
Fruit of the spirit, colored pencil

If you want good fruit, you must start with good soil.