Unclassified art

a couple walking into the sunset slowly since one has a wooden leg
It doesn’t matter how fast we get there, as long as we get there together, colored pencil

“I drew this in response to the observation of some less than ideal relationships where only one person’s feelings seemed to matter. Where harsh tactics are used to ensure those feelings are acknowledged without apology. Which doesn’t really fit well with the selfless kind of love the Bible speaks of. My plea to the world if you will.”

A person with a staff staring off into the sunset.
ONE, colored pencil

I am only one
but I am one
I can’t do everything
but I can do something
and what I can do
I should do
and what I should do
by the grace of God
I shall do

A strong handle cradling a wounded face
“One” heart heals another, acrylic

I had this recurring image in my head, so I committed the visual to canvas.