Isolation, colored pencil

I did the home page drawing soon after graduating college. Little did I know in that moment that this would end up one of my most definitive works. I say that because it speaks to my experiences as an artist, as well as a disciple of Christ. To explain that let me offer this quote. . .

“The parables, as sometimes understood, were not earthly illustrations that shed light on otherwise inscrutable spiritual realities, in fact, they hid as much as they illuminated, and they were tools that separated those genuinely seeking God from the religiously complacent, or merely curious. The parables revealed the divide between these groups. Those who were just entertainment seekers went away puzzled, but for those who were earnestly seeking God, the parables became means for further exploration and pursuit of Jesus.” -Adam S. McHugh

As an artist, I really do identify with how Jesus taught. As many of my art professors would tell me, there is a real narrative quality to your work. Not only that, but I have encountered many a complacent person who are unwilling to look past their own nose to discern the meaning of my “visual parables” if you will.

Jesus used this figure of speech, but the Pharisees did not understand what he was telling them. -John 10:6

Jesus clearly understood the value of people discovering things for themselves, as opposed to just handing them that knowledge. Not that it made people’s unwillingness any less disheartening to him. A feeling I can relate to as well. So I try to do as he did when it comes to my visual language, to treat it as he did his parables.


The Art of Parable

As a disciple and artist my mission statement is simple,
to delight and inspire. To delight and inspire is to touch a life, and as Matthew 25:31-46 indicates,
to touch a life is to touch God himself.

Touching lives, colored pencil

We are all touching lives through our actions, weather we are consciously aware of it or not. The question is, are the impressions we leave on people positive or negative.

Impressions, colored pencil

Developmental psychologists will tell you that all children are born creative. Which makes sense, since we are created in the image of a creator. However, routine, structure, a lack of encouragement, and a desire for acceptance will teach us that it is better to forsake creativity. Yet, we wonder why so many have no clue of whom they really are or what their purpose is.

Creators, colored pencil

We all have a unique voice bestowed upon us by God.  But it’s not about seeking fame, fortune, success, or acceptance, as the world tells us. Many have crashed and burned following that futile path. Rather it’s about glorifying God. It is my desire that my work inspires you to seek the calling you buried in the ground. (Matthew 25:14-30) or merely misused to satisfy your pride. Then seek to delight and inspire others yourself with it, whatever that voice may be.


Recent Activity

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